BBC News – Does cancer get too much attention?

“Does cancer get too much attention?”

This article was by Dr Toby Maher, a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and Consultant Respiratory Physician on Interstitual Lung Disease Unit at Brompton Hospital, and was published on the BBC Health Website.

Dr Maher makes the point that although cancer is an awful disease that needs to be cured, there are others that are equally as horrible, which do not receive equal funding and attention.  His example is IPF (his area of research) which is “Every bit as devastating” as cancer but receives less funding.

He says that last month the government invested even more money in cancer research despite that fact that IPF kills around 5,000 people more than leukaemia.

To add to his point he says that “The government invested only £600,000 in IPF research last year – leukaemia research received over £32m from all sources.”  This highlights the lack of awareness and funding being channeled into Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Dr Maher never denies the devastating nature of all cancers, but instead explains that PF is just as painful to sufferers and their families.

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