Amanda Moore

Volunteer with healthcare experience
Amanda Moore

Mandy graduated in 1987 and has worked in the East Midlands since, spending the majority of her time in Derby. She became a Senior 1 Physiotherapist in 1991, working at the Derby City Hospital on the medical wards and neurological rehabilitation unit before leaving in 1999 to take up her first community post. Over the past 12 years, Mandy has worked as a Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist in the community, delivering care to clients both at home and in the clinic setting. Quality of patient care, patient experience, efficacy and outcome of treatment are very important to her. She has been involved in establishing new treatment modalities for community based respiratory patients and setting up education groups for respiratory conditions less well known than COPD. Patient education, self-management, and management of anxiety related to long term conditions are her passion alongside the education of carers and other professionals in order to support and deliver excellent patient care.

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Phone 07443 432865